How can Human Design serve you in 2024?

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As we fade from the year of the Rabbit into the Year of the Dragon, we can feel the game changing; cute and cuddly rabbit was about community, networks, and finding stability (or what was undermining stability). 

As Dragon begins to roar and soar, we can perhaps feel where we need additional support to accurately see the path ahead and identify what is blocking us from full thriving. 

In the month of March, to celebrate the Spring Equinox I am opening up more possibilities to work with me directly and tighten loose ends in your energy and mindset to put you on a trajectory for success. 

It's time to feel the wind in our sails and reach for the stars in this astronomical year designed for claiming power and sovereignty over ourselves and our lives and leaving our epic and unique mark on the world! 

When you know how to access your center, you can go anywhere.

Get CLARITY by choosing your own adventure!

Readings can be about:



How you operate in your most liberated, in-flow, and creative self. Your Human Design is your guide to breaking all the rules properly by realigning to the highest order: the Universal Laws that govern the energy of creation.


Business and Branding: 

Your frequency is your currency and when you own your lane and the natural platform that standing in your alignment gives you, you naturally shine with authority, confidence, and magnetism.


Partnership and Relationships:

Relationships are our testing ground for our Self-work and thus can give us some of the biggest stumbling blocks in our growth as individuals. Understanding your partner, child, or collaborator can give you the secret sauce to speaking their language, giving grace to both parties in conflict, and setting each other free to be your most uniquely empowered being.


Spiritual Mission and Gifts, Ascension:

One of the most important aspects of this time is our connection to our spiritual path, higher self, and higher calling. When we learn the specific language and methods that our Higher Self wishes to communicate with us, we can embrace the upgrades (that can sometimes appear to be blocks) with a clearer knowing - mastering our unique path beyond a shadow of a doubt.


Diet, Environment and the Body:

Food is one of the deepest conditioning forces on the planet. Being in the right environment determines if we are fully activated in our gifts and connected with the right forces in our process. Human Design is amazing in that it shows us how we are designed to nourish ourselves and gives us a custom tailored protocol to unlocking our optimum health and vibrancy. 

The Dragons are here to help.

It's important to give credit where credit is due; in 2023 I received a new guide in the form of a Golden Dragon that subsequently taught myself and the members of Cognition Community through a series of powerful activations designed to prepare us for Dragon Year's opportunities and challenges. They are teachers and representatives for the Divine Architecture of Creation and their purpose is to help us restore our full power as co-creators and vessels of Divine love. This chapter in my journey is also about transmitting the frequency upgrades provided by these metaphysical beings to those who feel a calling or kinship to them. Fact is stranger than fiction! 

Picture this:

It's February 2025 and you're looking back at the most epicly expansive year of your life. You've owned your value, stepped into new frontiers of creativity, and finally embraced your potential with full permission to be your most unapologetically authentic Self. You can hardly recognize the person in the mirror, because she is so vibrant, free, ecstatic, self-assured, and magnetic.

What's in a reading?


Introduction and Initiation into the core pillars of your design - Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, and Incarnation Cross.


Specific strategies to recognize and deal with your Not-Self: where your mind tries to hijack your timeline with intrusive thoughts rooted in conditioning.


Emotional Mastery: When we look at your Solar Plexus center activations, we can see how you process emotion and how you can enhance your relationship to your emotional life (spirit awareness)


Diet and Environment: Fine tune your health regimen by getting specific knowledge on how your brain and body are optimally nourished.


Psychology and Motivation: Get better understanding on the finer aspects of the inner workings of your mind, and how to recognize imbalance. 


Incarnation Cross: Also known as your Purpose, this defines your Life's Work and how to activate your Personal Mythology.



normally $557



You can book anytime in the 2024 calendar year. The sooner the better but divine timing is always at play and sometimes the right time is not always ASAP. Trust your discernment.



Yes all sessions are recorded and a dropbox folder is created for you to house all future sessions. 



Yes! While its a beautiful intention to want to share these transformative shifts, you must ask the party in question if they are interested. It's not good for anyone if we are forcing this lens on others, it just doesn't work. 






I always start the session by asking your intentions and anything you'd like me to know. Questions are welcome throughout the duration of the reading, as many as we can fit in our time together. For additional questions, check out the deal for a follow up session at checkout. 



You must have a time of birth at least accurate to the hour. Otherwise we run the risk of giving you false information that could hurt more than it helps. 



There is a bonus offer for a follow-up session at checkout. This gives you time to integrate what you'v learned and test drive your design. All of these sessions are also eligible to be introduction to Coaching Packages - where we work together for a full year to fine tune your frequency and actualize your goals. The session price will be deducted from your coaching package ($7,200 for the year). Email for details.



This is my 13th year in the Human Design experiment. I took 7 years before I ever shared anything to verify, live, and embody these teachings via my own experience. 

The result was a drastic timeline shift that allowed me to break cycles within my family line and completely transform my life from someone who seemingly had no future to someone who was empowered to live on the cutting edge of what it means to be human, to be of service, and to participate in the monumental shifts taking place at this point in time. 

We are evolving more rapidly than ever before, and Human Design is a gift from the universe to give human beings a chance to ride these tidal waves of change with grace, equanimity, and safety. Human Design is the Noah's Ark of our time, and I am dedicated to bringing as many as possible aboard before the shifts that 2027 promises begin to shake the very foundations of everything we know. 

Quit letting your dreams stay dreams

This is your LASt chance before dragon takes flight - don't miss the boat and risk getting eaten by snake (2025)